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Many  people who experience anxiety and depression find that as they do the  work of therapy, these feeling states lift.  The work is showing up and  having a conversation.  As depression and anxiety lessen, many people  find that they have more energy to devote to the pursuits that they most  enjoy including meaningful relationships.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a two-fold process.  The first part  explores the conflict between desires and fears that the person seeking  assistance is experiencing. The second part is examining what happens in  the relationship with the therapist.  This allows the two people in the  consulting room to explore the client's patterns of relating to others,  their historical origins and current use.  If these old patterns are no  longer valuable, the therapeutic relationship offers a safe environment  to test out new ways of communicating.  It is in this way that therapy  becomes experiential and thereby offers lasting benefits.  


In  the service of protecting confidentiality, Ms. Neely is not on  third-party managed care provider panels.  People with the PPO  (preferred provider option) insurance find that her fees are  reimbursable, however, each policy is different - please contact your  insurer directly to verify your coverage. 

The choice of disclosing to a  third-party the decision to pursue therapy is an individual one.  Please  feel free to contact Ms. Neely to discuss your situation. If she is unable to assist you, she would be glad to make a referral to someone else who might be able to.

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